The Post Holiday Season Doldrums

We seem to be in the time of year when so many people are frustrated with the ins and outs of everyday life. School is back in swing, work and other obligations have returned to the normal routines, and we all are less excited and motivated by the holidays. 

It is important to give ourselves some time, space, and compassion through practicing good self-care during times of transition. I wanted to build a practice at one point that focused on transitions, as our emotional and mental challenges often arise at these points in our lives. 

Negotiating and being able to work through transitions is part of healthy adjustment, and requires that we take a broader perspective, appreciating the positive, fun, and joyous times for what they were, while allowing for the more mundane or even less enjoyable experiences. The contrasts between the two can help us appreciate both.  Without sadness or boredom, there is no joy; without joy, we cannot fully appreciate the experiences of grief or sadness. Nor can we fully empathize with those who are experiencing difficult emotions.

Take some time to appreciate contrast. Give yourself a little break and practice some self-care. Maybe some time in nature or taking care of your heart, mind, and body will help re-center you.