Couples Counseling

  • I strive to bring a fresh approach to relationship counseling based upon proven, research-based practices.
  • Addressing issues of divorce, break-ups, infidelity and affairs, handling the monotony of monogamy, and improving relationships through intimacy and communication, I use a combination of Gottman couples therapy and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy to give couples an entirely new way of dealing with the natural conflicts and doldrums that arise. 
  • I also have experience working together with couples in non-traditional relationships, partnerships, and marriages.
  • Having worked with polyamorous and other non-traditional relationships, I approach relationship work from a sex-positive perspective, keeping in mind the physical and emotional health of all partners.
  • Using standard psychological tests and detailed interviews, I will  also work with couples to determine their compatibility, to identify possible areas of conflict, and to help couples understand one another in terms of their personalities.