College Counseling

  • We offer college admissions counseling services, with a focus on the student who may have attended therapeutic programs, is an international student, who may have had different schools for different years, and who may have had to leave  school for emotional, psychological,or other reasons. 
  • Having worked as an international admissions counselor, as well as a college counselor at an independent high school, I have the experience and knowledge from both sides of the college admissions process.
  • College counseling is focused on finding the right fit. We want you to not just "get in" to the ideal school, but to thrive, grow, and graduate from the right place.  
  • We specialize in working with high school students who have attended wilderness, therapeutic, or other treatment.
  • We also work with students who are in need of a gap year or gap semester either before or during college due to emotional and other psychological and developmental issues. 
  • Please visit the FEES/PAYMENTS page on this website for rates and packages.
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