Public Speaking

  • I have spoken to audiences across the U.S.A., as well as in the Bahamas and in South America. My presentations are multi-media events that offer interactive learning and participation as well as time for questions and answers. 
  • Recent audiences have included educational consultants, therapists and professionals from wilderness therapy and residential treatment programs, parent groups, and other psychologists and psychotherapists.
  • In-home presentations and parent support group presentations are services I offer for smaller groups, and can be individualized to suit your needs or based upon an existing theme or presentation. 
  • I can  customize a presentation, lecture, or workshop for your group's needs. My presentations feature lively interactions, video examples, and are guaranteed not to be boring!
  • Please contact us for more information and fees. 

Listed below are some examples of presentations I have recently offered:

Managing Stress for Technology Workers

-Helping understand the challenges of issues including contract-work, work-life balance, stress, and overall health. Mindfulness-based skills and cognitive strategies for checking in, calming down, and continuing on.

More than Meditation: Practical Mindfulness in Everyday Life

-Mindfulness is evidence-based, popular, and can be applied in SO many more ways than meditation. Learn ideas, strategies, daily practices to bring it into our lives more easily and practically.

Understanding Parent Work in Wilderness and Residential Treatment

-Gain an understanding of the approaches, goals, and work for families to undertake while a child or other family member is in treatment. Questions and answers about the process, reactions, resentments, and how to manage difficult questions, dynamics, and situations.

Motivational Interviewing- An introduction for clinicians (parts 1 and 2)

-This interactive workshop provides an introduction to Motivational Interviewing, the non-threatening approach to behavior change that has proven effective for many issues such as substance abuse, health behaviors, and harm reduction. Participants will learn the basic approach of MI and will practice using this innovative approach to behavior change.  Part 2 will involve further developing the techniques of MI and more in-depth practice.

Feeling Everything and Nothing at Once: Understanding Borderline Personality Disorder

-Understanding the complex issues involved with Borderline Personality Disorder and learning current treatment approaches. This multi-media presentation offers families and clinicians an understanding of what it is like to live with borderline personality disorder.

Unlocking the Secrets to Personality Types

-Discovery the different types of personality profiles based upon the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, and discovery why we (and those around us) act and react the way we do. Find out your personality type and what this means about how you interact with others and

Personality Types and Relationships

-Understand how our personality influence our interactions with those around us. Learn what aspects of personality draw some people to us while others are less attractive. Learn what your Jungian type is and how it applies to romantic compatibility,, dating, long-term relationships,  and handling conflicts.

Internet Awareness for Employers: How to Manage Employee Online Activities

-Learn what employees are doing online, how to gauge and limit online activities, and how to understand the nuances of the "wired" generation in the workplace. This workshop offers employers an understanding of why employees spend time online or communicating through other electronic means and will give suggestions and steps for limiting, controlling, and investigating (if need be) time spent online.

Internet Safety for Kids and Teens

-Age specific (11-13, 13-14, 16-18) workshops teaching kids and teens how to manage online identities, protect themselves from predators, and how to prevent and avoid cyberbullying, inappropriate posting, and dealing with adult imagery and pornography.

The Worst Mistakes Good Parents Make (and how to fix them!)

-Highlighting some of the common mistakes that loving parents make with creative ideas for how to address them, this lecture offers parents effective solutions to common situations that arise in parenting.

Protective Parenting: How Much Is Too Much?

-Learn how to balance being protective with allowing children and teens to have optimal learning experiences. Discover how to allow children to learn from their mistakes while protecting them from harm.

Independence and Integrity in Children and Teens

-Helping parents and educators develop healthy independence while maintaining values and building character is a major goal for Dr. Fred. This workshop focuses on helping parents and educators understand how to help children and teens make wise choices while developing a sense of integrity and initiative.

Managing the Transition from High school to College

-Discover what parents and students can do to get ready for the social, academic, social, and emotional challenges of college.

Personality Types and Parenting

-Learn how to figure out the personality differences between parents and children and how understanding differences in world-views, communication, and organization can make parent-child interactions easier and more comfortable for both.

Attention-Deficit Disorders: Learning the Facts, Forgetting the Fiction

-An introduction to the disorder and an exploration of the facts and myths surrounding this common diagnosis.