Understanding-We get it! Having worked in wilderness therapy, hospital and clinic settings, in private practice, and in private schools, I understand life's transitions, challenges with anxiety and depression, relationship and communication issues, and what these experiences are like for individuals and their families. 

 Individual and family psychotherapy-Using Cognitive-Behavioral (CBT), family and couple's therapy,  and Acceptance and Commitment (ACT) therapies,  I provide solution-focused supportive therapy that gets you into the action phase towards your goals. Mindfulness and coaching psychology are also approaches we use the help our clients get more out of our work together.

Parent Coaching-I provide clinical coaching and guidance for parents working on setting boundaries, blending families, adjusting to your child’s return home, and for parents who have a child in a wilderness or residential treatment setting.

Office and Practice Updates:

  • Coming Soon: All-Day Intensives: Sometimes more than just the standard 50 to 55-minute therapy session is needed. I will soon be providing full-day intensive therapy workshops for individuals, couples, and families. These can take place over one full day or over two consecutive mornings or afternoons. Locations can be at your choice, including your home or one of my offices. 
  • Palo Alto Office: As of 8/2/2016 the Palo Alto office location is not able to accommodate new patients. I will no longer be accepting Blue Shield insurance beginning in November 2016. Please see the updates directly below. 
  • San Francisco Office:  Appointments are available, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and alternate Fridays, with next available appointments typically within one week.  
  • Insurance Updates: I am currently in-network for most Anthem and Blue Shield of California plans. For other providers, you may still be able to use your insurance as an out-of-network benefit.
  • Out Of Network Insurance: If you have insurance with mental health benefits (other than Anthem), you will be required to pay for your session at the time of service. We then can submit your bill to your insurance provider as a service to you, and you will receive any payment from your insurance company directly.
    • Please note that beginning in November 2016, you will be required to pay your bill at each session ahead of time, as we will no longer be taking insurance payments directly. This is due to significant delays and complications in getting reimbursed on our end.
      • You can still use any insurance as long as you have mental health benefits and out-of-network coverage.

Telephone and Internet Video Sessions-I offer private and HIPAA compliant internet video coaching sessions, as well as telephone coaching and counseling.  We work with you on your schedule and in a way that gives you the most support and flexibility and that saves you money and time.

Free Telephone Consultation- Want to know more about us before you schedule a session? No problem! Call to schedule an initial phone consultation to get to know me and my services.