Testimonials and Reviews

"He can relate to kids and adults; His awareness of potential problems and solutions was exceptional"

"Having someone guide, encourage, and coach us through our daughter's wilderness and boarding school process was invaluable. Someone who has been there and can give first-hand experience."

"...background information was really helpful...really prepared"

"Dr Fred really helped us with awareness without overdoing it or trying to scare us!"

"We can't thank you enough for not only giving (our daughter) back to us, but her in better condition than she has ever  been.  What a transformation!

"i am reflecting on the past year while  writing a few words
to say at (my daughter's) upcoming graduation ceremony. my command of the english
language is insufficient to convey the depth of my gratitude to each of you  
for the help you  given us. thank you,"

"She said to me yesterday that she felt every teenager should have the kind of wilderness therapy experience she had at Opensky. I agree."

"I really can't express in words how grateful I am to you and everyone else at Opensky who helped our family get to where we are today. We are all still working hard at out therapy but we are working at it together with open hearts and minds."

"The presentation was great and original"

"He was so 'tuned in"-knew subject matter so well"

"The workshop was a great take-home experience"

"He was an expert on the subject but his style was fun and he was excited about teaching us"

"I like that he had so much personal experience with kids and MySpace. He was a great resource."

" very knowledgeable, informative"

"It was an energetic and enthusiastic presentation. He knows his stuff"

"He put it in good terms for us to understand"

"...his interaction with the audience was great!"

"We really took what you showed us to heart and used it with our family. Thanks Dr. Fred!"

"I just wanted to say thank you again for speaking at our twins group a couple of weeks ago. You had some great advice that I have already put into use (and saw some positive changes). I know that everyone felt the same way."