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Check out my newest short video-Challenge our inner critic. I share some ideas about the self-centered view of our inner critic and how we can challenge its assumptions.

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Parenting Videos

How do parents decide on a consequence? Should consequences be natural (what happens as a result) or logical (imposed by a parent)? Learn the difference and how to apply logical consequences.

Relationships and Communication Videos

How to apologize and mean it. Go beyond the words to take action to make up for what you did and to avoid making the same mistake.

Managing Anxiety, Depression, and Stress Reduction Videos

Do you ever notice that your anxious mind seems to think it can predict the future? How accurate is it? Should you believe it?

Sometimes it is difficult to switch to a different thought, move on, or change our frame of mind when we are experiencing a strong emotion. This mindfulness technique will allow you to fully feel what you are experiencing so you can move on.

How can we move on from a difficult or unhelpful emotion? Here is a four-step process to help shift our perspective when we are stuck in a negative emotion. This takes practice, but with time and repetition, it gets easier!